Community Outreach Workshops: Creating Optimal Health Through Education in White Marsh MD

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At our clinic in White Marsh MD, we offer a multitude of workshops. Learn more about what we offer below.

Community Outreach Workshops in White Marsh MD

Health & Wellness in the Workplace
Many of us spend more time in the office than we do at home during the week. We’ll show you some simple yet effective ways of staying healthy, increasing productivity, and decreasing stress in the workplace. Learn how you can prevent conditions that commonly occur at the workplace, including migraines, shoulder and back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stay Fit While You Sit
This is a survival workshop for people who spend a good part of the day sitting at work and using a computer. Doing so creates significant physical tension that can damage your health. Learn about work station set-up, proper posture and ergonomics, and simple exercises to alleviate the stress of sitting on the job.

Handling Stress Before It Handles You!
The vast majority of health problems are either caused or aggravated by stress. You will learn what the most common stress related ailments are and what you can do to prevent them. Stress can be physical, mental or chemical, and the symptoms can affect anyone. Learn the necessary skills to ward off the damaging effects of stress. You can either grow, thrive and heal in the face of stress or be reduced to dullness and disease. It’s your choice.

Nutrition For Vibrant Health on the Job
Everything we eat is either life-giving or life-taking. Learn to increase energy, slow the aging process, and boost health and immunity through proper nutrition. Learn to eat smart and get educated about what dietary essentials your body needs. Also learn the key to losing and keeping weight off naturally.

Boosting Your Immune System Naturally
Your immune system protects against sickness and disease. If strengthened, it can enable you to live a life of vigor and incredible health. If weakened, it can wreak havoc in all facets of your life. Learn what the #1 immune system builder is, what the top “immune system crashers” are, and simple ways to build your immune resistance.

A Half Hour to Optimal Health
The U.S. spends the most amount of money on healthcare, yet we are one of the sickest countries on the planet. It is up to us to take care of our own health. Learn how to break the cycle of sickness or disease, practical ways to boost your overall health, and how to achieve an ultimate quality of life both at work and at home.

How to Increase Your Energy by 100%....Without Starbucks!
Your body is a machine and needs high-octane fuel, but the fuel must be high quality in order to thrive throughout the day. Learn the six steps needed to get your energy level functioning at top speed, including fun analogies like why sleep can be compared to a cell phone, the “give to get” energy model, and why the “ELEM” weight loss strategy works every time.

Peak Performance: The Seven Facets of Health
Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning feeling motivated and full of energy, excited to tackle all the day has to offer? Eating nutrient dense foods, cleansing yourself of toxins, staying hydrated, getting enough rest, enjoying nourishing relationships, staying physically active, and having a balanced spine are the key components to staying healthy & feeling great.

Health By Design: Custom Workshops For Your Group
We can also tailor a workshop just for your organization which combines elements of our standard workshops or moves into areas of interest unique to your group. Examples done in the past include: Victory Over Arthritis, Raising Healthier Children, Women’s Health Issues, Vaccine Awareness, and Lowering Your Cholesterol Naturally. Just let us know the needs of your group and we can deliver the education to fill that need.

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