Chiropractic Testimonials

"I no longer get migraines. I also have an awareness of my health and what "good health" really means. I'm now active and no longer need OTC meds. Dr. Roeder and his team have given me my life back!"

- Lisa H.

"We brought our daughter in to see Dr. Roeder when she was only six weeks old. We believe that her preventative adjustments are the reason that she is a great sleeper and has never been sick!"

- Tameka T.

"After suffering from lower back pain, my M.D. directed me to physical therapy and gave me pain meds. After six weeks, I still couldn't work. I started treatment with Dr. Roeder and, after several adjustments, my back pain was GONE! I've been feeling good...and no more pain meds!"

- Mary W.

"I came to see Dr. Roeder after an accident and I had terrible back and neck pain. I couldn't sleep and I had so many headaches that I lived on Advil. I called the office and they said they could see me that night. I'm grateful for the phone call....both my neck and back pain have improved tremendously. I can sleep again and I no longer take Advil every day!"

- Sharon M.

"When I started chiropractic care with Dr. Roeder, I was experiencing headaches and constant wrist pain. I'm happy to report that I'm now pain free and I'm even sleeping better! I've also placed my daughters health in Dr. Roeder's hands. I pray that God would continue to perform miracles using Dr. Roeder as his vehicle for healing our community!"

- Bryan O.

"My hip pain has improved and, overall, my health is much better. I love that each visit I'm checked for what is currently going on and am treated accordingly. Dr. Roeder is truly gifted and devoted to helping people heal and stay well!"

- Marianne W.


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