The Chiropractic Wellness Center of Baltimore Difference

Take a look at what sets our chiropractic care in White Marsh MD apart at Chiropractic Wellness Center of Baltimore.

Chiropractor White Marsh MD James Roeder

CWC of Baltimore

Regular Chiropractic

Initial Diagnostics

Thorough Personal Consultation

Spinal Thermography

Spinal Examination


Lifestyle Habits


Video Fluoroscopy

Full Spine Xrays with Full-Line Analysis

Follow up Doctors' Report to Review Findings.


Analysis Each Visit

Spinal thermography before each visit

Palpation of tissue quality around the joint


Motion palpation of the joint


Visualization of changes in swelling, posture, and range of motion


Cross-reference analysis with xrays and video fluoroscopy

The Correction

Specific treatment plan to address, stabilize, and correct spinal function for lasting results

Adjusting only what's required to be adjusted at each visit

Adjusting according to the specific structural position of the vertebrae and cross-referencing with the xrays, thermography scans, and video fluoroscopy

Disc level adjustment and foundational correction

Ongoing Support

Progress re-exams at least every six (6) months

Progress xrays with Report of Findings at least every 12 months (then vs now)

Ongoing care plans with affordable payment options

Lifestyle advice and handouts to maximize optimal health

Convenient texting system to reschedule appointments and text message reminders


Instrumentation and Equipment Used

Dual probe infrared Titron scanner

Zenith drop tables

Sigma ProAdjuster SP

V-Star Spinal Acoustics

Zenith hi/low tables for acute and/or elderly practice members

Not Typically

Tables that drop down in the center to accommodate a pregnant mom's growing belly

Discounts Offered

For Our Pastors

Not Typically

For Military Heroes

Not Typically

For Police Officers

Not Typically

For Firefighters

Not Typically

Family discounts are offered to ensure a healthier community