Why Chiropractic?

Your brain, spinal cord, and nervous system control every organ and cell of your body.  Physical, chemical, and emotional stresses put added stress on your body, resulting in the vertebral subluxation complex ("subluxation").  A subluxation is an often painless, tiny spinal distortion that can affect your nerves, muscles, internal organs, brain function, posture, and overall health. Left uncorrected, the stage for ill health and disease is set.  A thorough examination enables a Doctor of Chiropractic to find these subluxations and apply very specific, safe adjustments which restore nervous system integrity. This is where the body begins to right itself. 

For this reason, people have turned to chiropractic for over 100 years for nearly every health condition! 

Initial Visit

Chiropractic care begins with a thorough health assessment including inquiry, observation, and video fluoroscopy imaging.  The video fluoroscopy is a motion x-ray, which has been specifically modified for chiropractic to use up to 90% less exposure than a conventional x-ray.  This also enables Dr. Roeder to accurately correct spinal misalignments by confirming any 3D rotation in the spine, equating to quicker results.

Our "Tools"

Infrared Testing (also known as a "thermal scan") is completed before every adjustment. This tool uses an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor to record heat patterns radiating from your body.  Research has revealed that abnormally functioning human cells give off a different heat reading than normal healthy cells. These readings are used by Dr. Roeder to decipher areas of your body that are not healing properly (abnormal thermal emissions) and measures your progress. This helps us "fine tune" your spinal care, maximizing your results.

Adjustments are done on Zenith chiropractic drop tables.  The table is designed with a small drop in it, which has eliminated the need to "twist" or "crack" the spine.  Our patients are grateful that we use these tables, as they're comfortable, safe, and enable faster healing.

Post-adjustment, you may be required to spend time on a Spinalign traction bed, which helps to relax muscles for optimal results.

One of our most powerful diagnostic tools includes the use of Digital X-Rays.  Digital radiology may represent the greatest technological advance in healthcare imaging over the last decade.  It enables Dr. Roeder unbelievable precision in viewing your spinal challenges and greatly increases the quality of care that you receive. 

Periodic Re-evaluations

Upon completion of the first phase of adjustments, patients are re-evaluated for possible variation of treatment plan.

Lifetime Maintenance

Upon completion of spine correction, it is recommended that patients continue receiving maintenance adjustments throughout the year in efforts to maintain a healthy spine, which equates to a healthy you.